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September 17, 2015

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Do you like cute, baby dragons? Do you like to keep cute, baby dragons from slamming into floating islands? Of course you do! In Dodging Dragons you help one of four baby dragons fly over and under floating islands all the while collecting gold coins and rubies. Use different boosts to help your dragon fly further, collect more, and stay safe.


Dodging Dragons grew from the experiment of mixing the collection part of endless runners with the touch control aspect of various flying games. From there it just grew as social media sharing and video recording were added.


  • Share a video of your flight with your friends!
  • Complete missions for boosts or coins!
  • Post your best flights on social media!
  • Grab extra boosts while flying!
  • Begin with a cute baby dragon and work up to a large elder dragon!
  • Enable iCloud to sync your coins, rubies and boosts across devices!
  • Complete Achievements and climb the Leaderboards!
  • French, German, and Spanish versions available!


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After Insanity Studios is an independent game studio that has been making games since 2011.

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