Dodging Dragons is released for iPhone, iPod and iPad!

Dodging Dragons

Kaleth, Jeruth, Stiria, and Ator didn’t hatch yesterday, but they’ve been grounded for their whole lives. Help these four baby dragons take on the sky for the first time, and grab the shiny coins and rubies, all while dodging the obstacles in their way, and continue to train them as they grow up. These hatchlings could use a dragon trainer like you, are you up for the challenge?

Kaleth has been itching to try out his wings, and now that he’s finally able to he made sure to be the first to try flying.

Jeruth may be the smallest of the bunch, but he just knows he’s in for a growth spurt one day. Till then, he’s satisfied with being able to fit through places the others can’t.

Stiria cannot stop poking around the new world outside of her egg; it fascinates her. One day she will see everything and know everything, but for now she’s still learning how to get farther than the edge of their floating island.

Ator is constantly hungry, and is always looking for his next meal. He fancies himself a great hunter, but so far he has only been able to catch little bunnies. Soon though, he is sure to be able to take down a buffalo.

Join the fun and see how long you can fly!

iOS 7 or later OS version is required.

Available on the App Store

Share a video of your flight with your friends!

Each flight has a built in video recording that you can share on Everyplay, Facebook, Twitter or email. "Don't believe my score - let's roll the video!"

Complete missions for boosts or coins!

Keep an eye on your 3 missions. Completing a mission will give you things!

Share your best flight results on social media!

Brag to your friends about your latest flight on Facebook or Twitter!

Begin with a cute baby dragon and work up to an elder dragon!

As your dragon grows, he or she will get more abilities!

Complete Achievements and climb the Leaderboards!

Log in to GameCenter to access Leaderboards and Achievements!

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