Magnet Madness

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A game of attraction and logic, Magnet Madness offers you never ending fun and challenging puzzles to solve. Offering different levels of difficulty for you to tailor the game to your skill level. Magnet Madness will to deliver hours of fun.

How to play:

You choose your level of difficulty and set the number of magnets hidden in the board. During play, you release iron balls into the table. You deduct the positions of the magnets based on the exit points of the iron balls.

iron ball will continue straight, if no magnet is near. The ball will turn 90 degrees,wrapping around a magnet when passing near it. The iron ball will be captured by a magnet if it hits the magnet directly.

The ball will continue until it exits the board or is captured. Multiple magnets can affect the path of the ball. Can you deduce the location of the magnets?

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Multiple levels

Start with a 7x9 grid. Pretty easy. Add a second magnet, its a little tougher. Add a 3rd magnet now things get complicated!

Upgrade to bigger grids with more magnets and watch the combinations grow.

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Magnet Madness in App Store