Shadowknight's Defense is Live!

The Shadowknight sits,

running his hands over the mountain of gold. His numerous guards hurry about preparing the cavern for battle.

The leader of a band of Human mercenaries stands and swaggers over, “We ain’t been paid yet,” he spits. The Orcs grunt in agreement, and their leader throws a spear at the pile of gold, “We want our shinys first!”

The Knight stands, towering over the group, and throws two bags of gold. “You had best be ready for battle then,” he says as he yanks the spear out of the gold, “I don’t want you blundering about when I need you.” One of the humans laughs and says with a sneer, “We can hold our own in a fight, especially against one measly little group.”

The Shadowknight laughs with a sound from nightmares, “Not just one measly little group. No, you will be fighting an army.” He chuckles as the men become agitated and start fidgeting. The Orc leader stands and walks over to him, “there was nothing said about no army!” he roars.

The Knight smirks and walks to a clearing, ignoring the Orc. He kneels and whispers the words of power that were taught to him so long ago, letting them seep into the stone. A green mist wraps around the cavern and everyone turns to stare at the now glowing circle around the Shadowknight. Suddenly the floor within the circle seems to melt and skeletal hands reach up from below. The Human leader gasps and stumbles backwards, “What in the nine sects of Gorel?” The skeleton warriors gain their footing one by one and stand prepared for battle.

“I never said you would be fighting alone.”

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Mount a dynamic defense

Unlike traditional tower defense games, your minions can move.

Don't like where that Orc warrior is positioned? Give that Orc orders to move to a different area. Did you place your Dark Elf wizard right in the path of a mob? Tell that wizard to get out of the way.

Paths change

Those pesky groups will change their assault path if and when they discover fighting in their way. Use that to your advantage!

Don't want any groups to bypass your ambush site? Station some Goblin warriors to guard side passages.

Or watch as the invaders flank your defense at the first sound of swords clashing.

Watch your gold and mana

You need gold to pay your minions; that same gold the invaders are seeking. Strike a balance between more defenders and more gold

You need mana for everything. Spend too much mana, and you have to wait for it to recharge.

Spend all your mana, and you hold up your defense. Spend all your gold, and you lose.

Be tactical or strategic

Zoom out to watch how your defense is holding up. Or get up close to watch your individual minions battle the adventurers.

Optimized 3D models mean a smooth experience whether you are close to the action or far above the dungeon.

A multitude of dungeons

You can stick with just the free dungeons or purchase a couple of dungeon packs. More dungeon levels, both free and paid, are on the drawing board.

When is it available?

Shadowknight's Defense is a dungeon defense game where you get to be the defender of evil, protecting your hoard of gold from those that seek it. You hire minions to bolster your defense; you summon the undead to vanquish your foes. Use sword, bow and magic to keep your treasures.

Available on the iPad